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New Feature: Request your Favorite Laser Cutting Material

Posted By Eole Recrosio on Nov 16, 2016 | 0 comments

You have a laser cutting project but don’t see your desired material in our laser cutting materials list? Don’t worry! The custom material request feature is here for you.

Among more than 60 materials option within our 4 main materials, Sculpteo’s online laser cutting service offers high possibilities for your projects. Laser cutting parts, even if you’re not an expert has never been so easy with our free online tools. But even if we try to add more and more material options every day, it’s possible we don’t offer the one material you want to realize your project in. That’s why we  created the Custom Material Option for laser cutting.


Discover our laser cutting possibilities

As we offer several combinations of laser cutting materials – detailed on our laser cutting material page – we hope you’ll find the best material for your laser cut parts. Our 4 main materials : MDF, Plywood, Acrylic and Cardboard are available in several colors, types and thicknesses.

You also get control on type of engraving you choose –  line or surface engraving, to fulfill your project expectations. To learn more about the two types of engraving, please see the Depth of Laser Engraving in the chosen material page.

We carefully ran tests on these materials to make sure they will match our high quality standards, and your expectations.

The design guidelines of each material and our tutorials to prepare your file for laser cutting and our e-book (Laser Cutting: the ultimate guide) will help you further the mastery of the laser cutting technology, and prepare your project.

But in spite of all these efforts, we know there might be something you want that we don’t offer.



Specific request ? Try the custom option!

If, in spite of the wide range of possibilities we offer you are seeking a specific material or one of our four materials but in a type or thickness that we don’t offer, you can now use our new custom option for specific laser cutting projects.

This option is available after uploading a file for laser cutting in one of the many file formats we accept.

When your design displays in the preview window, you can click on the Materials tab and find the Custom Option at the bottom. It is time to describe your project and submit it to our team.

Capture Custom material submit Scultpeo



Once your request received, our team studies your demand with the suppliers and find the best material for the project. We also check if the demand can be produced by our machines and if it will produce a satisfying result that corresponds to your expectations.

Custom material process scultpeo



Which custom material can you laser cut ?

To give a few examples of the materials you can request:

These are all examples of different types of the materials that we already provide (acrylic, cardboard, plywood, MDF). These requests will most probably be successful, as we already know that our laser cutters are compatible with these materials.

For materials that differ widely from these four, we can’t guarantee the success of a custom material success, but we do invite you to ask anyway! Each request will be carefully studied by our team and suppliers. We’re always curious of how to best fit your needs, and eager to improve our services.

So if you have an upcoming project, and you don’t see your desired material in our list, don’t worry! You can upload your design on Sculpteo’s platform and try our new Custom Material Feature.

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