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Sculpteo is Attending CES 2017 in Las Vegas!

Posted By Capucine Lonjon on Dec 14, 2016 | 0 comments

Once again this year, we are attending CES Las Vegas! The Consumer Electronic Show is the largest tradeshow dedicated to technology innovation in electronics for consumers, since 1967. One can read on their website: “For 50 years, CES has been the launch pad for new innovation and technology that has changed the world.”



Held from January 5th to January 8th, 2017, CES will gather innovative companies from all around the world.

Meet us on booth Sands, Halls A-D – 42527


What’s up this year?

We 3D print metal now!

You can now order on our online platform: Aluminum (SLM technology), Titanium (DMLS) and Stainless Steel (DMLS)

For CES 2017, we are launching our Agile Metal Technology first tool! Agile Metal Technology is a software suite to accelerate and facilitate metal 3D printing projects. Its first tool, Business Case, is the first Artificial Intelligence for 3D Printing. It helps you assess your project and forsee its strengths and weaknesses. Learn more about it here, or try it out right away: it’s free!

We have also created a fully functional digitally manufactured bike, the Sculpteo Bike Project. This bike serves as a proof of concept, to show what our services are able to achieve and how digital manufacturing can adapt to the needs of your project. The bike will be going on a trip from Las Vegas to San Francisco, crossing 1000km, to show the functionality of the parts we’ve created.


Discover UVify drones on our booth!

UVify is an American Company with Korean roots developing “smart drones for everyone!”, ensuring a good estimation of drone attitude, a fly without GPS, and a fly under various conditions thanks to a precise control. Discover more on their website.

Uvify team- drone prototyping with Sculpteo

Uvify - drone prototyping with Sculpteo
Uvify - drone prototyping with Sculpteo

We are helping UVify with their drone prototypes. If you’re present at CES, you’ll get a special discount if you visit both the UVify and the Sculpteo booths! 


At last, meet with a Carbon machine!

Carbon developed the new CLIP technology with 5 types of resins (polyurethane). Each resin has very specific qualities and is aimed to produce very close to reality prototypes as well as real production parts. We’ll have plenty of parts to show you!

Elastomeric Polyurethane (EPU) is a very impressive rubber-like material.


Rigid Polyurethane (RPU) ensures a high strength.

Cyanate Ester CLIP Resin (CE) has a high resistance to temperature (up to 220°C) and is very solid and rigid. It has a translucent yellow appearance.

Flexible Polyurethane CLIP Resin (FPU) is robust and resistant to impacts.

Prototyping Acrylate CLIP Resin (PR) is available in 6 different colors and is ideal for aspect prototypes.

This new technology is very impressive for it’s 3D printing time! This cathedral was printed in only 35 minutes…

CLIP - with Sculpteo 3D printing service

We’ll have a mock-up machine and you’ll be able to see the inside, evaluate its size, use its “futuristic” door. And of course, we’ll have plenty of parts that you can handle, live!

Learn more on CLIP technology compared to SLS (Selective Laser Sintering).

& more… it’s a surprise!

As it is a tradition now for CES, we are preparing astonishing new applications. We cannot tell you more yet, but it’s going to be worth the wait! Visit our booth and keep updated on what we’ll be presenting for #CES2017.


When is it happening?

CES exhibit hours: from January 5th to January 8th, 2017

Meet us on booth Sands, Halls A-D – 42527

Thursday, Jan. 5: 10 AM-6 PM

Friday, Jan. 6: 9 AM-6 PM

Saturday, Jan. 7: 9 AM-6 PM

Sunday, Jan. 8: 9 AM-4 PM


A pre-CES this year: the Drone Rodeo

We’ll be holding a booth at this year’s Drone Rodeo, The Premier Pre-CES Drone Event! Drone Rodeo is very big Drone Race that will be held the day before CES, on January 4th, 2017. Many Tech Media will be here. It’s gonna be the ideal moment to talk about drones development thanks to 3D printing and admire the race! You can tag them on Twitter @DroneRodeo.

drone-rodeo - CES 2017

//Expose with us//

If you are developing drones with our service, please contact us! We can expose some of your drones.


Discover our tech-story with CES!

CES 2015: launching our Final Proof tool

Learn more on our Final Proof.

CES 2014: we introduced our Batch Control tool!

“a service in a service”

Learn more here on our Batch Control Tool.


CES 2013: The best Custom Case App for iPhone

We received the CES 2013 Best of Innovations Awards in App & Software category.


CES 2012: 3D print your personal vase collection!

Presenting our free application. We presented a library of customizable vases with your own face!


Go further in 3D printing!

If you are just beginning in 3D printing, or you need to search for specific concepts and definitions, please refer to our glossary!

You can refer to our 3D printing tutorials and laser cutting tutorials.

And discover all our 3D printing materials and laser cutting materials.

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