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CES 2017: Sculpteo presents Agile Metal Technology (AMT) & digitale manufactory

Posted By Capucine Lonjon on Jan 11, 2017 | 0 comments

A week ago, we were doing the last preparations for CES, waiting for the great day to happen… Today, we want to give you an overview of this great adventure, that took place from  Thursday 5th to Sunday 8th in Las Vegas! What we presented, how our new offers were received, who came by, what happened for our partners, etc…


Our innovations


Agile Metal Technology (AMT)

We launched our first tool of the Agile Metal Technology Software Suite for Metal 3D Printing for CES 2017. Learn more on AMT in our related blog post.

As we did for 3D printed plastic, we want to democratize 3D printed metal. We developed this suite to help you start and accompany you into a project in metal 3D printing. The suite is a combination of 6 tools to analyze and fix file problems, automate complex modeling procedures, find ‘best fit’ processes and techniques, offer predictions and recommendations about how to optimize design elements including lattices, supports, and post-processing workflows.

For CES 2017, we unveiled our first tool, Business Case, which enables you to evaluate the feasibility of your project. Try it now!

Discover our metal materials offer:

You can now 3D print metal: Aluminum (SLM technique), Titanium (DMLS technique) and Stainless Steel (DMLS)

And laser cut in metal! Stainless Steel, Steel and Aluminum.


A Digitally Manufactured Bike

We designed for CES 2017 a digitally manufactured bike, using 3D printed titanium, 3D printed plastic, 3D printed resins as well as laser cut aluminum and leather. 70% of its parts were made using our services.


The two designers Alexandre d’Orsetti and Piotr Widelka are now crossing the West Coast, from Las Vegas to San Francisco to test the bike. Follow the Sculpteo Bike Project on our blog and with the Hashtag #SculpteoBikeProject 


Our partners

Drone Companies

UVify fabricates racing drones. We exposed one of their Draco on our booth!

UVify Draco

We are very happy and proud that they received two awards: Best of CES 2017 Award for best drone (for their Draco) and the Verge Awards at CES 2017.



What’s more, we participated to the Drone Rodeo, the first premier pre-CES drone event. Our partners UVify and Nano-Racing were exposing their drones on our booth. It was a wonderful moment in Las Vegas Desert.

Drone Rodeo - CES 2017


We had Carbon machine our booth, and two employees working with us to expose the CLIP technology and how it fabricates amazing resins. Many parts of the Sculpteo Bike were manufactured thanks to CLIP technology.

CLIP Carbon - Sculpteo
CLIP Carbon - Sculpteo
CLIP Carbon - Sculpteo
CLIP Carbon - Sculpteo
CLIP Carbon - Sculpteo


4 days at CES



Our CEO Clément Moreau gave a talk for TCT Magazine (the leading news source for 3D printing and Additive Manufacturing). He talked about 3D printing and IoT and how they are complementary technologies. You can have a look at our previous article “Is IoT a bigger game-changer than 3D printing?



Political parade

François Fillon, a candidate to the French Presidential elections (of next April and May) had a stop at our booth. He tried out our digitally manufactured bike and had a talk with our CEO, Clément Moreau. To Fillon’s question “Are you bringing back jobs?”, Clément answered,“No, but we are creating new ones!”



Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet, a French politician, from the same party as François Fillon, also came by, and mentioned us in her tweet encouraging French innovative companies “After 2 days at #CES2017, very proud of our companies and talents! Now, it’s our duty to give them means to develop”


Press Room


Our CEO filmed by France 2, an important French Media

You can find in our press room all the following articles that talked about us: 


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