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Free shipping worldwide for Laser Cutting Service.

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Spring is here already, the sun starts to bring more warm and bright days and so do we. At Sculpteo we are doing our best to provide ways to realize the ideas using the digital manufacturing technologies of 3D Printing and Laser Cutting.  To thank you for your commitment to our services, we offer you free shipping worldwide for all Laser Cutting orders until March 28 at 12 pm PST, using the promo code FLYLASERFLY at checkout.

3D Printed and Laser Cut drone


For those who are not familiar yet with our online laser cutting service, here are some information about it.


What is laser cutting?

Laser cutting is a method for transforming 2D file into a real object. This technology involves cutting materials with highly accurate laser that focuses on a small area of the material. This method enables to cut within a thickness up to 10 mm. In Sculpteo we use a high-speed continuous CO2 laser cutter that can cut all types of materials.

Laser cutting technique

Learn more with our article about the History of Laser Cutting: from MASERs to CO2 Laser Cutting.

And with our free ebook: The Ultimate Guide to Laser Cutting.


What laser cutting material can I use?

Materials are the essential part in creating your products or prototype. That is why we offer you a wide variety of laser cutting materials directly available on our intuitive online laser cutting platform. We have more than 60 different material combinations (types, colors, thicknesses). You can cut in:

Metal material Laser Cut

Learn more with our article: “Which Laser Cutting Material for Which Application”. 


What are the advantages of using Laser Cutting?

Benefit from the advantages of Laser Cutting: rapid production, high accuracy of the cut, and freedom of design. On our intuitive platform, you can use your own template and color codes. We adapt to your workflow and follow your design. Our professional laser cutter delivers high-quality parts. We only charge you for the amount of material that your part used, nothing more. And since we optimize our laser cutting organization, material waste is reduced.  If you upload your 2D file, you’ll instantaneously get a free quote.


Where can I get information to design my laser cutting 2D file properly?

Check out our free tutorials on how to design to laser cut on Illustrator, Inkscape and SketchUp. It will remind you of the essential design guidelines for laser cutting, and on how to export your file for laser cutting.

Check out our free ebook: The ultimate guide to laser cutting. To go further, and create 3D objects with our laser cutting service, you can read our tutorial on how to create living hinges in your 2D file

Also you can use our tutorial on how to fold your laser cut metal sheets without using any tools. You can also get inspiration from some of the ways we’ve applied our laser cutting technology in the following articles:

Lastly, you can order a laser cutting sample kit, to choose your laser cutting material. 

Use our special code “FLYLASERFLY” when you place your order. Do not miss this opportunity to laser cut your products or prototype. Start your laser cutting experience now by creating your 2D file and uploading it into our platform.




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