Discover our affiliate program and our 3D printing marketplace

Discover our affiliate program and our 3D printing marketplace

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Did you know that you could earn some money thanks to Sculpteo? Indeed, you have three different possibilities: you can join our affiliate program, use our marketplace to sell your models or… You can do both! Becoming an affiliate or a vendor is really easy, it would be a shame not to take advantage of it.

In this blog post we are going to explain to you how our affiliate program works, and what all the benefits of this program are for you. We are also going to see all the advantages of opening a shop and selling your 3D models on our online 3D printing marketplace.


Discover our affiliate program

You may not know it, but at Sculpteo, we have an affiliate program. Becoming an affiliate could have a lot of benefits for you. Let’s see how!

What is the affiliate program?

At Sculpteo, we have a simple and rewarding 3D printing program: By promoting Sculpteo on you website, you can earn money.

This program is totally free. Moreover, it is really quick to set-up. The process is not difficult, you advertise us on you blog, website or app, and we thank you for it.

How to become an affiliate?

It is really easy to register as an affiliate. If you have a nice website, a blog or an app, this rewarding program could be a great solution for you to earn money. First of all, you have to create an account on Sculpteo’s website to get your Associate ID. You will have to register a PayPal account and accept the Sculpteo Associate Contract. The last step will be to send an email to to register you affiliation, with your Sculpteo username and the URL of your website.


How does it work?

Once you have your Associate ID, you’ll have to put a link to our online 3D printing service on your blog or website. If your visitors click on it and order something on our website, you will earn some money.

Indeed, thanks to your Associate ID we will be able to see all the customers that are coming from your website, and we will pay you a commission on their order. The commission is 5% of the sale.

Here are the different steps of the process:

If you want more information about our affiliate program, you can check this page. You can also send a message to:


What can you promote as an affiliate?

As an affiliate you will promote our 3D printing service and marketplace. But you have the choice, you can promote our whole online 3D printing service, just a 3D model or a shop of our marketplace.

Then you can put an affiliate link, or you can embed a 3D model and put it in a 3D viewer directly on your website. It is possible to customize the viewer, you can choose: the size, the color, the 3D printing technology and the action generated by a click.

If you want more information about embed Sculpteo items on your website, check this page about Sculpteo tools.

Keep in mind that if you have a shop on our marketplace, with all of your creations and 3D models, you can totally promote that on your website!


Our online 3D printing marketplace


Do you know that Sculpteo has a brand new marketplace? Discover our 3D printing marketplace right now! We will give you some more information about this space that could be a great asset for you and your 3D models.

How does it work?

To sell your 3D models, you have to become a vendor on our marketplace. On this marketplace, you can create your shop and put all of your 3D models.

There is a great variety of 3D models. There are accessories, jewelry, tools or decorations. From simple items to objects with elaborated designs you can find or sell any creations on our online 3D printing marketplace.



Why using our marketplace is a good idea for your 3D models?

Our 3D printing marketplace is a great platform to share your designs and creations with the 3D printing community. And selling your 3D models is an easy way to get money. Keep in mind that setting up a shop is easy, and completely free!

Moreover, you can customize your shop on our marketplace with your logo, your description and even a shop banner.

You can combine all of this with the affiliate program. You can totally share your shop and 3D models on your website thanks to the program that we told you about previously in this blog post. You can embed your 3D models directly on your website. This way, your visitors will stay on your app or website.


What can you sell on our Marketplace?

You can sell any of your 3D models. From jewelry to tools or decorations. Be careful, regarding intellectual property rights, you only have the right to put your own creations on the marketplace.

You can’t put inappropriate content on Sculpteo’s website. For more information about want you can or can’t sell on our marketplace, please read Sculpteo’s content policy. You can also check Sculpteo’s terms and conditions.


Are you ready to earn money thanks to Sculpteo? Let us know! You can contact us if you have any question.

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