Friday Pick List!

Posted By on Aug 23, 2013

Summer is winding down, but it’s no reason to feel bad about it. There are still plenty of nice sunny days to come and also plenty of 3D printing projects to imagine. In the meantime, just to relax before the weekend, you should take a look a our fri...

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The Friday Pick List

Posted By on Aug 16, 2013

Another week comes to an end. But it’s not a sad news, on the contrary! It’s time to discover our friday pick list with some awesome 3D printed objects. We’re fond of this particular “implicit” spinning-top ring. It takes a little while to catch the ...

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Lots of us have heard about projects that aim to print houses for humans, but what about animals. Lately, we’ve seen lots of projects aiming to 3D print houses for humans, but what about making shelter for animals? And not just any animals, but tiny ...

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Follow the White Rabbit…

Posted By on Aug 13, 2013

Remember this scene at the begining of the Matrix trilogy, in which Neo feels like he’s still asleep and can’t tell what’s real and what’s not? Well, Ji Lee took pretty much the same approach. He and his team decided to 3D print 10 000 tiny sweet whi...

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