Blue Robot

Posted By on Sep 26, 2011

The Sculpteo Gallery has recently welcomed “Blue Robot”, a new robot designed by “Troll” “The world of robots has always fascinated me, so it felt very natural when I designed BlueRobot, the first in a series of original characters. It’s consistent w...

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Stradivarius 3D Printed replica

Posted By on Sep 21, 2011

Wired UK got its hands on the Stradivarius 3D Printed replica made famous by The Economist The violin was manufactured by EOS using Laser Sintering technology (except for strings, fine tuner and pegbox), one of the multiple “3D Printing” technologies...

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Solar Powered 3D Printer

Posted By on Sep 19, 2011

The RepRap Mendel presented here uses RAMPS 1.3. RepRap Arduino Mega Pololu Shield (or RAMPS) is designed to fit the entire electronics needed for a RepRap in one small package for low cost. The 3D Printer is powered by a battery connected to a 45 Wa...

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3D Printable Buddha

Posted By on Sep 16, 2011

In Buddhism, the term buddha usually refers to one who has become enlightened (i.e., awakened to the truth, or Dharma). Buddhas are frequently represented in the form of statues and paintings. Commonly seen designs include: the Seated Buddha, Reclini...

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3D Printing Inspired by Nature

Posted By on Sep 15, 2011

In this MIT News video, Steven Keating, a graduate student from the Mediated Matter Group at the MIT Media lab, introduce you to their test platform for 3D Printing: a robotic arm. By attaching different extruder heads they can test out different mat...

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