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New Paris Factory using PCE Instruments

Posted By Zach Correa on 16/07/2014 | 0 comments

Our new factory in Paris is soon to be fully operational with PCE Instruments. Below we’ll give you a sneak peak of the new equipment we have coming in and walk you through each side of our manufacturing process.

There are three sets of machines that take care of our printing work. They include production, quality control, and research and development machines.

Our production equipment includes everything that goes into making the physical object – most primarily our printers. Among the novelties, the EOS P395 are for instance some of the most recent machines to have arrived at our Paris factory. They have a maximum print size of 340 x 340 x 620 mm. The microblasting, polishing, and painting machines we have would also be considered to be part of the production machines.

Printer bed

A look inside our EOS P395

Quality standards are also extraordinarily important at Sculpteo. For this we have added a couple of tools provided by PCE Instruments which help us to maintain exact specifications, and can alert us to the minor adjustments that may need to be made to the printer in order to ensure consistent quality prints. There are several things that need to be measured consistently throughout the factory, including barometric pressure, temperature, and humidity – these factors are important not only for the consistent quality of the materials and machines, but also for a safe work environment for our workers.

In tandem with our quality standard machines, our R&D machines are getting a boost in machinery. The fully functionality of our Paris factory marks the beginning of a new step for manufacturing in digital age. Shipping in not only Paris region but across Europe will become much more efficient as a result.

Be sure to check out some of the other pictures of our Parisian factory below!


View from inside the sandblasting machine.

View from inside the microblasting machine.

Powder Layering

Base coat of polyamide powder being laid.

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