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Customizable animal themed Napkin rings

Posted By on May 6, 2011

Digital Object On Demand has uploaded beautiful customizable animal themed Napkin Ring. You have a lot of choices : Bull, monkey, rhino, pig, big cat, etc Choose your favorite Napkin Ring animal Click on the customization icon (orange paint pallet) E...

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3D Printing is a gold mine!

Posted By on May 5, 2011

Ok, that’s not really gold but that’s still nice. With these simple tips for painting printed parts and give them a metallic look, you can make a beautiful 3D Printed Gold bullion – Lightly sand your part using 220 grit sandpaper – Use nylon brush fo...

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Celebrate Star Wars Day with this awesome “Han in Carbonite” Kinect hack

Posted By on May 4, 2011

In this Kinect Experiment, people are posing like Han Solo in front of the Kinect. As a result they don’t get trapped in carbonite like Han Solo but get a beautiful 3D model that can be exported for 3D Printing. “This is an experiment with Kinect and...

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3D Printing in “CSI : New York”

Posted By on May 3, 2011

In the “Officer Blue” episode aired on 12 November 2005, you can see how a 3D printer is used to solve a crime. “A police officer is shot in the middle of Central Park from a building way outside the park. He dies right away. Sadly, the bullet, an im...

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Discover our best 21 3D Printing customer stories and get inspiration! Learn how to make the most of 3D Printing for your application.

From small startups to large industries, our customers are diverse in sizes, profiles and projects. They meet on one simple aspect of their work: they need to iterate fast, and to produce easily. These customer stories are here to give you concrete e...


Embed your 3D Models in Website with Sculpteo’s Viewer

Posted By on May 2, 2011

Sculpteo allow you to embed 3D models. It’s a great way for designers to showcase their work and for users to share 3D models they love. It’s easy to do : Select a model on our gallery, click on “embed”, and Copy and paste the code on your Blog/Websi...

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Potati : Cute 3D printed animals

Posted By on Apr 29, 2011

Christophe Michot and Bertrand Lévy are the founders of Potati is a secured environment for children : it’s a browser, a Web portal and a parental control software. “Potanimals”, as we can call them I suppose, are Potati’s mascots. Christ...

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3DTubeMe – Create 3D models using your camera

Posted By on Apr 28, 2011

3DTubeMe is an interesting service using your photos to create a 3D model. Add a whole different dimension to your photographs. Just take several pictures of your favorite objects, people or places from different points of view from your digital came...

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Arcam A2 Electron Beam Melting technology at work (video)

Posted By on Apr 27, 2011

In this video of DARPA DMACE Challenge Sphere crushing event (December 8, 2010) you can see an animation of the machine used to digitally manufacture the titanium spheres. The Arcam A2 use an electron beam melting process and Ti6Al4V titanium alloy p...

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Learn how to design the best 3D models for Digital Light Synthesis (CLIP) 3D printing technology

3D printing resins using the Digital Light Synthesis technology, formerly known as CLIP, deliver incredible results but might not always be easy due to some specificities of this innovative process. Indeed, you should adapt to some special design con...


Tinkercad: easily create designs for 3D printing

Posted By on Apr 26, 2011

In the same spirit as 3DTin, Tinkercad allow beginners to easily create 3D models for 3D Printing… in your browser. “With only three basic tools you can create a wide range of useful things. Once your project is ready simply download the STL file and...

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Myth or fact ? 3D Printing help for the testing of the Lethal Weapon 2 “surfboard scene”

Posted By on Apr 22, 2011

The scene “A car carrying a surfboard crash into another car. The surfboard flies off the top of that car into the other car through the windshield, killing the driver” At NASA, Kari Byron (MythBusters) uses a 3D printer to create an exact small-scal...

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