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Urban Style Customizable Keyring

Posted By on Jun 16, 2011

This beautiful Urban Style Keyring was designed by Geekier (Daniel Woloch). The good news is it can be easily customized to match all of your expectations Related posts: No related......

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In january 2009, MakerBot was founded by Bre Pettis, Adam Mayer and Zach “Hoeken” Smith, in the city of Brooklyn. In this video filmed 3 months later (april 2009), Rocketboom Tech correspondent Ellie Rountree talks to Bre Pettis and Zach Hoeken about...

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Rise of the 3D Printed robots

Posted By on Jun 13, 2011

Here’s a selection of the best robots available in Sculpteo gallery for those of you who love robots. Sculptobot, the Sculpteo mascot Andy, the Google Android mascot ZeRobot Rob-O, the Pencil Pot Robot Launch Rockets Wibot 2.0 Blitz Panther What is y...

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In this “Behind the scene” video you can see how Full Color 3D Printing is done using the ZPrinter 650 3D Printer from ZCorporation. With Sculpteo online 3D printing service you can make all your ideas come true. You’re a professional? Check out Scul...

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Get your own Portal Gun

Posted By on Jun 9, 2011

Portal is a 2007 single-player first-person puzzle-platform video game developed and published by Valve Corporation. The game primarily comprises a series of puzzles that must be solved by teleporting the player’s character and simple objects using t...

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3D Virtual Tour of a french Church

Posted By on Jun 6, 2011

Bertrand Wagon, a 21 years old Computer Graphics autodidact, modeled the St Martin’s Church from Givenchy-en-Gohelle (France). This church was inaugurated by the Bishop Monseigneur Dutoit on September 11 1932. Seven years were needed to built it. You...

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In this World Business (CNBC) video report about 3D Printing technology you will see: – Dr Adrian Bowyer, Senior Lecturer at University of Bath and Inventor of RepRap – Paul Marks, Chief Technology Correspondent at New Scientist – Eric Erickson, Worl...

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Brussels in 3D

Posted By on Jun 1, 2011

Google just announced that the Belgian capital is now available in 3D : “As Belgium’s charming capital city, many have enjoyed living there, ranging from Victor Hugo and Karl Marx to Jean-Claude Van Damme. Now, you can discover the riches of Brussels...

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Fabaroni was a project from the How to Make (Almost) Anything Class of Fall 2007 (MIT) who decided to build a 3D Printer from scratch. They started to test the best material to use for this project. They choose food. After several tests they selected...

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