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Today we are going to focus on the 19 best accelerators for entrepreneurs interested in creating a physical product. Accelerators reached an amazing amount of publicity and fame after the success of Uber in 2011, but now we see that the tides have turned from software, service and app accelerators to hardware accelerators. As we prepare to list the 19 best hardware accelerators for 2016 make sure to take note of the geographic...

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Starting your 3D Printing Company is challenging, and we’ve compiled the do’s and don’ts for your first year of business. The quest for business success doesn’t come with a road map but it can be navigated by studying those who have been successful in the industry; you’ll learn today how successful startup companies in the 3D printing industry built their success with minimal effort by using these simple...

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We have received amazing feedback regarding the State of 3D Printing Report that we released last week!! Thank you to everyone who downloaded the report and emailed us with your wonderful comments!  We are happy to hear that the report has helped several of you become more familiar with the trends in the 3D printing industry, and that makes us proud to know that we’ve helped give you a leg up on your competition. Did you know...

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The first edition of our State of 3D Printing report is live! Discover the results of the largest statistical study on how 3D Printing is improving business with geographical and sectorial insights. A useful tool for whose in charge of defining and executing the 3D printing strategy of their organization. If you consider yourself as a curious 3D printing user, we’ve got something  for you. Thanks to our amazing community, we...

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3D print yourself (video)

Posted By on Mar 15, 2011

Have you ever wanted to know how we can create a miniature of yourself here at Sculpteo ? Or perhaps you didn’t even know that it was possible. In this video we show you how easy it is for you to create a “Mini-you”. It can be a funny gift for a friend, a member of your family, a wedding… For businesses, organizations, and sports clubs it can be cool way to introduce your team. Take 2 pictures (front and side)...

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