Ring_Osrr15Ocrrm12FR002  von 

This ring is nice jewelry item based on my original ideas which created via generative process of design (generative design). Full item’s name is PA_Ring_d20_Osrr15Ocrrm12FR002 what means Panguver Amalgam Ring with inside diameter 20mm (size U or 10 for US ring sizes). It also has side ornament 15 (rotated and removed) and center ornament 12 (modified, rotated and removed) based on form of ring 002. This code allows reproducing the similar products again with new ideas following the wishes of the customer. Use customization tools for get other ring sizes.

You can try oversizes for using item as bracelet (250% for size Large).

Single solid (closed) object was checked for errors and ready for 3D printing. Unbiased renders. Hi-polygonal glide structure.

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