3Diversity's shop

3Diversity create 3D printed protein models and molecular models. He has a privilege to offer the pre-designed models of the most refereed proteins like (GFP, BDNF, EGF, p53 etc).


Heat Shock Protein

Hsp70 or DnaK

83 $

CDNF - conserved dopamineric neurotrophic factor

CDNF is a protein that can protect neurons dying in Parkinson's disease

159 $

The BuckyBall

The BuckyBall or Fullerene

10 $

Fullerene Pendant

Fullerene pendant is based on the 2D projection of the buckyball fullerene-oxolane...

8 $

Splash Vase

The new more economical design of the Splash Vase

263 $

GFP (green fluorescent protein) lamp

The “mutated” GFP molecular surface can serve not only science but also art. It is...

169 $