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Coffer 4

This is a little jewelry case with a bas relief horse on the lid. The lid is hinged with a latch to open and close it. The lid and the latch are integral parts of the 3d print. This design was scaled with the intent of using the 10cm cubed design requirements of the detail resin material.

Größe: 9.96 cm

Coffer 3

This is a little jewelry case with a hexagonal pattern on the latch, and a flat,...

214 $

Coffer 2

A small jewelry box. The lid has a waved hexagonal pattern on it. The box has an...

627 $


A tea light lantern holder with a stylized tree motif. One side is left open to tend...

279 $

Treelamp 3

A little tea lamp lantern with a tree motif on three sides. This one is done to fit...

170 $


A tealamp with a starfield pattern inside of a cube.

212 $

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