Inkscape Tutorial: Prepare your files for laser cutting

This tutorial is for laser cutting enthusiasts and new-comers. It will give you tips to prepare your files for laser cutting.

Inkscape is a free and open source vector graphics editor. Its cross-platform support means that you can use it whatever your operating system; the fact that it's free makes it ideal for those on a budget. 

For the purposes of this tutorial we'll be using the metric system and MDF at 3 mm thickness, but if you're using different units or a different material, simply look up the appropriate values in our Materials Catalogue and substitute them.

Key values for MDF 3 mm thick:

  • Kerf: 0.16 mm
  • Maximum Size: 940 x 590 mm
  • Minimum Safe Line Spacing: 1 mm

Throughout the tutorial, you will learn: 

  • To customize your document properties on Inkskape
  • Some tips for Laser Cutting
  • To export your file and upload it onto our platform

Once you have built your file, you can upload it on our website and laser cut it!