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Create 3D printed industrial goods

3D printing gets the best out of your production equipment

Discover the benefits of 3D printing for industrial goods...

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Create your 3D printed parts with ease and speed

Thanks to our fast and reliable 3D printing service, improve your machine tool conception cycle. Industries 3D print several kinds of parts: concept models, impossible objects, and even finished parts.

With rapid prototyping, you can shorten your prototyping time from a few months down to a few days. Additive manufacturing does not only shorten your product development time but it will also improve the accuracy of your final prototype thanks to a better management of your different versions.

Optimize your machine’s performance: get it right from the beginning

3D printing can virtually produce any part you can imagine as long as the design guidelines are respected, which is not the case with traditional manufacturing technologies such as injection molding. This allows you to create lighter and stronger parts that could not be produced by any other production method. Complex geometries are now fully accessible.

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Replace quickly broken parts

One crucial part is broken on your machine tool? Instead of changing the whole machine, you can just design the 3D file or find it among the multiple designs available in technical 3D libraries.

If the part often breaks, take advantage of 3D-printing to prevent it from breaking. Re-thinking and re-engineering the part can help you improve its resistance over time or to specific constraints. Use the batch control to get a small series of parts to replace all the obsolete ones on your machines.

Best industrial goods projects with 3D printing

3d printing industrial goods

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3d printing industrial goods

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