Change education with 3D printing

Learning is always easier with the right tools. 3D printing empowers teachers, educators, and students who want to bridge theory and reality by making objects that suit every situation

Discover the benefits of 3D printing for education...

3D printing chemical industry

3D print your example to add a new dimension to the educational experience

Additive manufacturing allows complex ideas to live in the real world. That’s why 3D printing in educational programs is a true asset. Have you ever thought of including additive manufacturing in your lesson plans to make your school subjects easier to understand? 3D printing is the solution to give them life and allow everyone to physically manipulate complex ideas. Additive manufacturing makes the learning process easier, from primary education to university.

HD 3D printing quality at the best price

Professional 3D printing is very complementary to the desktop 3D printer you can use in your classroom. It allows your students to push their experiments and projects further. More than 75 materials and finishes are available directly online and the cost for your 3D print is automatically calculated and displayed online, for parts that can be up to 70cm. We are offering discounts for educational projects and bulk orders for your students.


Technical, design or engineering curriculum: bring the professional world to your students

Students can print mechanical parts, architectural mockups, prototypes, art… Online 3D printing gives students -engineering students, design students, etc.- the chance to bring their project to life, quickly and in conditions simulating the professional life. Instead of spending time partnering with an outside company, you can use Sculpteo’s platform as an online educational tool and concentrate on other topics that matter. It will also help your students improve their critical thinking thanks to a practical approach to your subject.

Best educational projects with 3D printing

educational 3d printing

Children discover archeology with 3D printed artifacts

educational 3d printing

3D Printing Digital Data with ‘MeliesArt’

3d printing space eyesat

The Eyesat mission is bringing Sculpteo into space

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