3D architectural model making

Save time on your next competition 3D models or sales 3D models thanks to our online 3D printing service

Discover the benefits of 3D printing for architecture...

3D printed architecture project

Study Models: quickly materialize your ideas

3D printing architectural models has never been so easy!

Forget about Foamcore, we produce white architectural models in any format you may need for an improved representation or to showcase multiple alternatives on the initial phase of your project.

Competition models: give your project the best chance of success

3D printing for architecture is a growing application of additive manufacturing. You can realize concrete structures, and 3D printed houses, for instance. Here at Sculpteo, we mostly help you get 3D printed models to showcase your ideas.

3D print architecture monochromatic models in large sizes: up to 27” in a single run and we can carefully section your model if it is bigger.

3D Printed architecture competition model
3D printed building model

Promotional scale models: Help your clients visualize your work

Three-dimensional plans, cutaway drawings, city-scale models. Sculpteo prints realistic scaled models of a wide range of sizes according to the promotional needs of your sales department, showroom or during a professional trade show.

Thanks to the 3D printing technology, reduce the time it takes you to get your 3D models and become the next leader of the construction industry.

Best architecture projects with 3D printing

3D printed architecture project

How using 3D printing for architecture projects can truly help your business

3D printed architecture project

Beautiful 3D Printed Model Created by ENSAD Architecture Students

3D printed architecture project

Recreating Mont St Michel in 3D

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