Creating robots with 3D printing

Create easily the proper piece for your robots thanks to 3D printing​

Discover the benefits of 3D printing for robots...

3d printing mechanical industry

Rapid prototype parts that fit your robot

Because robots are a complex assembly of mechanical and electronic parts, it’s virtually impossible to design the right part on the first try. With our high-quality 3D printing and quick delivery, you’ll be able to very quickly iterate each part of your robot. The process of running tests to optimize your robot’s performance and abilities will be far more efficient.

Work without constraints to achieve the perfect design

Design complex shapes that are both strong and lightweight, which can’t be manufactured by other technologies. This will enable you to use lighter motors and improve battery life.

Save assembly time and reduce the likelihood of parts breaking due to having weak points. Thanks to our online design checking tools, you’ll instantly know if it’s printable or not.

poppy drone robot 3d printing
3D printed maritime gears

Start producing small series with ease

Once your prototype is functional, why wait to start selling it? Thanks to our batch control options, you can easily optimize the orientation, layer thickness and organization of your parts in the batch to save money.

When you have reached the perfect prototype, our Batch Control lets you start production instantaneously no matter how many units you want.

Best robot projects with 3D printing

poppy drone robot 3d printing

Poppy, the 3D printed open source robot

fendi robot 3d printing

Fendi Project: Sculpteo makes the difference

3d printing drones

Submarine Drones are making a splash in the 3D printing industry with Blue Robotics

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