3D print parts of chemical equipment

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3D printing chemical industry

3D printing molecular structures

Give a new life to your projects in the chemical industry by using 3D printing! It can be hard to capture the exact look and feel of a molecular structure with only a description or to explain a chemical reaction. However, by introducing the 3D printing technology you can look at the chemical structure from all angles. You can also hold and touch it which adds another level of understanding. Thanks to rapid prototyping, you will be able to 3D print your molecules from scratch and watch your 3D image to come alive with your 3D model.

3D print parts of your machine

Thanks to 3D printing you can 3D print important parts for your machine. You could 3D print simple objects as boxes but also 3D print complex objects as mechanical parts. With this technology, you have the possibility to 3D print big products for your needs in chemistry, or to print prototypes. Thanks to our professional 3D printers you can do it without having to purchase a 3D printer, and you can also reduce inventory time. Cheap cost and speed provided via 3D printing will help you to shorten the amount of time and iterations required to get your desired results.

3D printing chemical industry

Create accurate tools thanks to 3D printing

3D printing allows you to create affordable and complex pieces which would not be able to get with traditional manufacturing. For example, you could 3D print mechanical pieces or boxes for your product. The plastic material and the flexible material are specially fitted to produce very accurate tools. Our professional 3D printers allow you to get an accurate chemical tool thanks to a high 3D printing resolution (from 25 to 100 microns).

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3D printing chemical industry

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3D printing chemical industry

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