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Prototyping in the high tech industry

3D printing in the high tech industry will enable you to quickly create prototypes during the development phase and therefore complete your project quicker.  With our various materials (such as plastic, resin or our multi-colored material), it is possible for you to 3D print prototypes in a very short period of time and to make changes at will. 3D printing allows you to create your parts in the R&D phase to validate the mechanical concepts and get the perfect piece quickly, no need to waste months creating a mold for plastic injection.

Machine components for the high tech industry

3D printing allows you to produce complex parts which may be essential for the proper functioning of your creations in the high tech industry. Those headphones used a complex design based on the patterns from a butterfly’s wings. AudioQuest saved money by using 3D printing. That headphone part could not have been created with injection molding. 3D printing allows you to reduce costs and therefore to provide your product high tech for a competitive price.

nighthawks high tech 3d printing
backbone high tech 3d printing

3D print all accessories for the high tech objects

High tech products are very often accompanied by dozens of accessories to customize them or protect them. With 3D printing, you are allowed to integrate the accessories for your high tech products directly into the design. The only limit to what we can create is our imagination.

Best high tech projects with 3D printing

nighthawks high tech 3d printing

NightHawk: the first headphones with mass-produced 3D-Printed parts

backbone high tech 3d printing

Sculpteo Success Story: Backbone by Tunuva

Poppy poppy components educational 3d printing

Poppy, the 3D printed open source robot

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