Shipbuilding with 3D Printing

Prototype, create models and produce pieces easily thanks to online 3D printing

Discover the benefits of 3D printing for shipbuilding...

3D printed propeller prototype

Prototypes: Innovate faster and cheaper

Design cutting-edge boats thanks to 3D printing! Without the restrictions associated with conventional production methods, you can create complex structures to cut weight, gain strength and reduce costs.

There are only a few days between an idea and the corresponding physical object. This enables you to test various versions, even if they are quite similar, for a reasonable cost.

Create spare parts on demand, without any stock

We 3D print your spare parts. What was previously a huge amount of stock is now reduced to a files bank. We print objects that are up to 70cm long in one go and can even “cut” your object for bigger pieces.

Even if your fleet is made of a lot of different ships, with additive manufacturing, you can print spare parts easily.

3D printed maritime gears
3D printed ship model

Naval architects, display your product with our promotional models.

Promotional 3D printed models allow potential customers to see and feel your creations.

Whether you wish to showcase your boat design, interior decoration or mechanical parts, you can do it with 3D printing! For instance, you can choose to directly print in multicolor material or do some post-processing on our white plastic.

Best shipbuilding projects with 3D printing

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