Find the best Cloud Engine solution for you

In order to show the full potential of the Cloud Engine, we've put together this series of examples with the hopes that you will be able to find the solution that suits you best for your project.

Whether you want to avoid all forms of computer development or you want to develop a service more complex, whether you want to redirect on Sculpteo or integrate an intensive 'White Label' solution onto your website, there is a solution for you with the Cloud Engine.

You'll find the following categories of Cloud Engine integration on this page:

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Do you have 3D models you're hoping to sell? Yes No Aide

Do you want the entire process to be on your site? Yes No Aide

Do you want to manage the payments yourself? Yes No Aide

The most suitable case for your needs is case #6 : Background loading and order processing .

List of possible Cloud Engine integrations

The following case studies depend on whether or not you have a 3D file of your own. For each case, we offer an estimated time-to-develop to give a better idea of how long the integration process may take. The examples are presented below:

3D objects present on the Sculpteo Site:

Description Example Business Model Development
Link to a Sculpteo Shop (1) Sculpteo's gallery Affiliation
Products and Purchase Module embedded in your site (2) shop3dprinter Affiliation
Embedded products from a design list and background order processing (3) CGTrader Margins modifiable per product ● ● ●

3D objects coming from your site:

Description Example Business Model Development
Upload with a redirect to the Sculpteo site (4) Printable Geography Affiliation or margin determined by a global percentage ● ●
Background loading and embedded windows (5) lovebyme Margins determined by a global percentage ● ● ●
Background loading and order processing (6) Pinshape Margins modifiable per product ● ● ● ●

Sell Sculpteo's 3D objects on your own website

If you don't have a 3D model or if there are certain Sculpteo 3D models that you'd like to include on your website, you have the option of selling those 3D objects on your website.

If that is the case, you have three options:

Example 1
Link to Sculpteo Shop
You place a link on your page which redirects the client to the chosen Sculpteo shop.
Example 2
Embedded products and purchase module
Embed Sculpteo products on your site with an integrated purchase module.
Example 3
Embedded products and background order
Embedding Sculpteo products on your site and personally manage the purchases

Sell your own 3D objects on your website

If you want to sell 3D objects that you yourself have created or that were created by your customer, you have the choice of uploading your 3D files onto our servers for them to be 3D printed on our professional 3D printers.

To sell your own 3D objects, there are three possible options:

Example 4
Upload with a redirect to the Sculpteo site
Your 3D file will be loaded on our server while the user is redirected toward the Sculpteo site.
Example 5
Background uploads and embedded windows
You upload your 3D file in the background and embed a window of your product on your site.
Example 6
Background loading and order processing
Upload your 3D files in the background and manage payments yourself.

If you don't have that many 3D files to upload, you can always upload your 3D files manually on the which would then place you back in the previous section for further customization.

Technical documentation

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