Order a 3D object using the Cloud Engine

The last step when offering a 3D printing service online is the ordering process, to allow each of the orders placed by your customers through our Cloud Engine to be processed on our professional 3D printers. Then the order can be sent to you or directly to your customer, depending on your choice.

There are multiple checkout options when going through our cloud engine:

The following diagram gives a more detailed summary of all of the possible options:

General information on pricing and object shipment options

Get the price of a 3D print thanks to Price API.

Before placing the order of your 3D object, you'll likely want to know its price. You'll be able to find that price in the embedded shop or product page on your site, but you may want to know the price outside of those two places - especially if you're not embedding them on your site or if your site has its own cart system.

To get the 3D printing cost of an object, you can use our price API . Specifically speaking, it's a GET request which returns information regarding the printing price, the delivery times and solidity problems. Solidity problems return a warning message. All of this information is return as a JSON file , which can automatically give you the exact information you're looking for.

The following information is made available:

Parameters Description Possible Values
uuid The 3D model's identifier on Sculpteo.com string
quantity Number of copies of the 3D model int
scale Size of the 3D design float
unit Unit of size for the 3D design "mm", "cm", "m", "in", "ft", "yd"
currency Currency "EUR", "USD", "GBP"
productname 3D Printing Material The list of available materials can be found
in the corresponding JSON file

Consult the technical documentation regarding the Price API for more information.

Keep in mind that the price of the 3D object is only the 3D printing cost - it does not take the shipping price into consideration.


After printing the object on our professional 3D printers, we can guarantee worldwide shipping direct to the locale of the final client.

The price of the 3D print indicated on the Sculpteo site or through one of its integrable iFrames do not include shipping prices because those prices are determined given the address of the client. Thus as the customer checks out and gives their shipping address, we are able to provide the shipping costs.

If you are managing the payments and fixing your own prices, you'll need to know the different shipping prices to consider. You can visit our price and delivery page to get a better impression of shipping prices and times.

Personalized Packaging

The packaging provided by Sculpteo is largely neutral. However you do have the option of a more personalized packaging (company name, logo, address, etc.). In order for that type of shipping to take place, you'll need to provide us your customized packaging and support any additional logistics costs which would arise with the new packaging.

Contact us for more information regarding packaging.

Let Sculpteo handle the payments

The simplest solution for payments is to let Sculpteo handle the payment. The biggest hassle this solves is that of creating a "Basket" or "Cart".

Leave your clients to pay directly on the Sculpteo.com

If you choose to redirect your customers to pay directly on the Sculpteo site, each step of the payment process would be as it would be accomplished on Sculpteo.com. The following images explain how that process is carried out.

Panier Livraison

Facturation Terminer

You'll find more information regarding the price and payment methods on the appropriate page .

Let your customers pay through an embedded window

If you'd prefer that your customers do not leave your website when ordering a 3D print you can instead embed the purchase process on your site. That process is similarly described in the images below.

Panier Livraison

Facturation Terminer

You can also embed the checkout module onto your site without a product window (this is particularly advantageous for mobile applications). To learn more about embedded tools, visit the following page.

Outils embarqués Embed the purchase module in your website: Tutorial

Managing Payments

The second available solution through the Cloud Engine is to personally manage payments. This choice is most advantageous if you're looking to set the price of each 3D printed object individually, or if you already have a checkout cart on your website that you'd like to add Sculpteo's 3D printed objects to.

Displaying the Shopping Cart

When displaying 3D print purchases within your own shopping cart, the first step is to update the cart with the purchased objects. To accomplish this, a plethora of information is available for you to add on your website, including: a mock up of the object, the design's name, its price and its delivery date. Depending on the information you'd like to include in your basket, consult the information queries section or the API price description .

Placing an order through the API

Once the final customer has made their payment, all that's left to do is to place the order with Sculpteo. The final client will directly receive the object and you will receive a comprehensive monthly invoice describing the 3D printing as well as the shipping costs.

If you want the 3D print to be automatically launched after a purchase is placed on your site, consult the Order API . Though, you ought to contact us in order to establish and regulate your monthly payments.

The API is called through a POST request which contains the following information:

Parameters Description Possible Values
login Your Sculpteo account login information string
password The password associated with your Sculpteo login string
item[<i>] Number of 3D objects ordered i: <uuid>:<quantity>:<scale>:<unity>:<material>
(i begins at 0)
fake Purchase simulator 0=no, 1=yes
theme Your partnering identifier
( contact us to create one)
ship_invoice The order invoice multipart POST data
ship_addressee Shipping address - First/Last Name string
ship_street1 Shipping address - Street string
ship_street2 Shipping Address - Street 2 string
ship_city Shipping Address - City string
ship_state Shipping Address - State string
ship_postal_code Shipping Address - Postal Code int
ship_country Shipping Address - Country string

Consult the technical documentation of our Order API for more information on the subject.

Our API returns a reference number which can be used to follow the order progress. This can be found at the following URL: //www.sculpteo.com/shop/tracking/reference/<reference> .


Technical Documentation

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