Embedded purchase module

In some cases, particularly for mobile applications, you may not want to allow the user to utilize each of Sculpteo’s customization tools - it may be more advantageous to open the order and payment page directly. Embedding the purchase module allows your customers to purchase and pay for the objects without ever leaving your website.

Simple integration

The purchase module frame may be integrated to any external web page using a <iframe> tag, like so:

<iframe type="text/html" width="1000px" height="540px" src="//www.sculpteo.com/en/embed/redirect/uyaiaJef?click=cart" frameborder="0" />

This code will embed a purchase module and add to the card the design of UUID uyaiaJef, which will appear like this in your page:

Several options that may be appended to the URL in the src attribute, to configure the appearance and behaviour of the page:


choose the material of the object you are adding to the cart


precise the scale of the design you wish to order


precise the unit of the design you wish to order. Can be ‘mm’,’cm’,’in’


precise the currency you wish to use. Can be ‘EUR’,’USD’,’GBP’

If you wish to use the mobile version, simply add “m.” before the url as following: “https://www.m.sculpteo.com/en/embed/redirect/uyaiaJef?click=cart

For example, the following code will add to the cart the design of uuid uyaiaJef in black plastic, with a unit in mm and currency in USD. The chosen display mode is mobile.

<iframe type="text/html" width="1000px" height="540px" src="//m.sculpteo.com/en/embed/redirect/uyaiaJef?click=cart&material=black_plastic&unit=mm&currency=USD" frameborder="0" />
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