The State of 3D Printing Report: 2022

Discover the insights of the 8th edition of the largest study of the Additive Manufacturing industry.

What's inside?

How is 3D Printing Used ?

How is 3D printing implemented in businesses, and what possibilities does it offer?

The View of 3D Printing

How are 3D printing users seeing the challenges of 3D printing adoption and its role in the future?


What do 3D printing users think about AM’s role in reaching their sustainability objectives?

Discover all the insights from the most extensive study of the 3D printing industry!

3D printing users from all around the world answered our survey and helped us build this international study. Get to know more about the AM applications, the challenges faced by 3D printing users, their budgets, and their needs.
We also looked at the future potential for 3D printing for a greener world. Is 3D printing sustainable? How can this technology be implemented in more sustainable strategies? We asked users about the role of technology in facing sustainability challenges. 


“I’m happy to welcome you to the 8th Edition of 

The State of 3D Printing.”

Alexandre d’Orsetti,
CEO of Sculpteo

Key Findings


affirm that Additive Manufacturing is helping them to reach their sustainable objectives. Additive Manufacturing appears to be an ally for companies willing to improve their processes.


are optimistic about the potential of additive manufacturing in the future. 


find that budget is the biggest limit for 3D printing adoption.

How do you measure the success and impact of your 3D printing activities?

Saving time significantly impacts a company’s budget and represents a real competitive advantage. Speed of innovation, time development, and lead times reduction plays a crucial role in today’s business strategy.

state of 3D printing 2022

What factors limit your result?

Budget is the most significant limit for 33% of the respondents, which also explains the massive use of FDM technologies, the most affordable technique for people starting to use additive manufacturing. Quality of parts is also a limiting factor for 19% of these 3D printing users, which goes with a significant ask about the accuracy and a need for new 3D printing materials on the market. 

state of 3D printing 2022

What are the 3 main sustainable aspects 3D printing
should improve?

Recycling is a concern for 63% of the respondents looking for options to recycle 3D printed parts. In comparison, 59% want more sustainable materials, a demand being considered if we see the evolution of bio-sourced materials launched on the market during the past few years. 

state of 3D printing 2022


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