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FrontfacePanel 3 June21 goodone

Updated this front face panel. dimensions are: 93 x 102 x 25mm (H,L,W)


facepanel LCD 2 june21

Face Panel 93H x 102L x 25W mm / for LCD display and 4x4 matrix keypad


Triple Grating 27mm dia. (Meshed)

25 x 25 x 6mm triple turret diffraction grating mount for the 28YBJ-48 stepper motor


Clone of LID complete (Meshed)

New enclosure design for project DAV5 V3 spectrometer/ dimensions: 209.54 L x 130.55...


23.5mm dia round entrance slit complete (Meshed)

Three fixed and updated parts


Laser mount block feb 2 (Meshed)

mounting block for aries green laser


23.5mm dia round entrance slit complete (Meshed)

23.5 mm dia. Round entrance slit/ W/8mm length rectangular slit (horizontal) x 2mm...


25 x25 x 6mm diffraction hologrphc done (Meshed)

Complete Components (7) for the DAV5 V3 Raman spectrometer/Internal parts.


25 x25 x 6mm diffraction holographic mount (Meshed)

25 x 25 x 6mm thick inlay for mounting a holographic diffraction grating.


20mm dia locking sleeve (Meshed)

10x laser collimation tube assembly/87.2mm total length, 3 seperate pieces, inner...


ALL mounting holes cut dec 16 main enclsr (Meshed)

NEW main enclosure with matching lid/ All mounting holes pre-cut


Square mirror mount assembly complete (Meshed)

FIXED square mirror mount/inner dia 3.2mm x 12mm deep 25 x 25 x 14mm


Updated CMOS camera mount DEC 13 (Meshed)

Raised the camera mounting block 10.83mm/FIXED.


32mm lens holder W 25mm inlay filter rear side (Meshed)

Redesigned 32mm lens holder, rear face fixed 25mm inlay for longpass edge filter/...


elliptical cuvette hldr M4 holes cut (Meshed)

Elliptical Cuvette Holder/ 13 x 13mm Square cuvette cavity


Exit Slit (Meshed)

Updated exit slit added extra 1mm to thickness/3mm total thickness.


Cuvette Holder 30 x 30mm (Meshed)

New Cuvette Holder design - 30 x 30 x 17mm / Includes 30 x 30 x 2mm exit slit W/1mm...


Clone of Clone of Movable block 7.2mm inlay hole cut (Meshed)

Movable guide block for Adjustable Mechanical Slit W/Metric Micrometer


17.2mm center hole cut main plate (Meshed)

Adjustable Mechanical Slit W/Metric Micrometer for UV/VIS spectroscopy


Fiber optic coupler plate complete (Meshed)

30 x 30 fiber optic mounting plate for the ADAFC3 Fiber optic mating sleeve from...


New cuvette holder nov30 (Meshed)

New cuvette holder design/ M2 holes cut o front face for fiber optic cable coupler...


DVD frame assmbly 25 X 27 X 2mm (Meshed)

DVD diffraction grating frame inlay assembly 25 x 27 x 2mm/ 1mm inlay for DVD...


CMOS camera mount With filter inlay (Meshed)

New design for cmos camera mount with 25mm dia filter inlay (schott glass filter)


25mm lens inlay 15mmdeep frnt (Meshed)

redesigned 32mm focusing lens assembly with lens locking sleeve