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6mm dia set screw front face (Meshed)

8mm X 36mm dia Plossl type focusing lens for DAV5 V3 spevtrometer


32mm Lens locking sleeve (Meshed)

32mm Plossl type focal lens assembly W/lens locking sleeve


8mm plossel lens assmbly (Meshed)

Plossel lens eye piece assmbly. 31.7mm dia. 40mm total length. W/ set screw for 8mm...


Focal lens assmbly complete (Meshed)

Focal lens assembly, 49mm L. 37mm dia. rear face has 27mm inlay for 8mm lens (eye...


exit slit with inlay (Meshed)

45 X 3 X 45 mm Exit Slit (removable plate type)


Cuvette design 3 nov 16 (Meshed)

Re-design cuvette holder 45 x 45 x 25 mm


CMOS Mout assembly complete nov15 (Meshed)

CMOS Mount Assembly re-designed for the DAV5 V3 spectrometer/ Fits the JDEPC-ov05...


grooves filleted (Meshed)

10X Focal Lens Holder Assembly - slide rail type [2mm]


Clone of round mirror mount 2 (Meshed)

Round mirror mount, redesigned 50mm


cameramount final 1 (Meshed)

New JDEPC05 camera mount design


part_nmbr_2_lens_holder_step1_01 (Meshed)

Complete dovetail assembly W/ 10X objective lens holder and set screws.


12.5mm filter holder part number 1

12.5mm filter holder


24mm lens holder with slider base part 1 nov3

24mm dia. 10X objective lens holder W/ slider base [2mm width]


24mm lens holder BASE part 2 nov3

24mm 10X objective lens BASE W/built in rail slot [2mm] Base is for 24mm lens holder


part 4

set screw knob


part 3

Main base


part 2



part 1

aperture for cuvette holder


Test platform oct 30

Optics bench test platform 210mm X 120mm M3 mounting holes


c mount base W rail insert 2

C-Mount base with insert slide slot


c mount main body 1

C-Mount with rail slide notch


test C mount 2

C-Mount 24mm DIA. (inner dia 21.4mm)


shaft for C mount oct 28

Shaft for C-mount


base for C mount oct 28

Base for C-mount