Welcome to the 3D printing boutique by chrapp! Here are all the models of items invented by chrapp, which are prepared in order to be 3D printed. This web page carries Mechanics that can be customized using materials or colors you like! Choose among the Mechanics, choose the component that fits so you could adapt them to get a exclusive product. Remodel Mechanics by deciding for the 3D printing size, material, tint you would like them in or even by modifying the 3D file to your own purpose. Our Marketplace authorize you to adapt 3D models conceived by chrapp to transform them to your own or to present them to someone special. Each model lets you build unique items by melding the talent of chrapp with numberless combos of 3D printing stains and materials. Mechanics you find on this page could be made out of metals, resins, plastics, and composite multicolor 3D printing material and we will make suggestions to have the most excellent 3D printing material for each item you choose. Discover the 3D printing universe built by chrapp and include your personal approach to build particular objects which you will put in a bag, decorate your home with or share with your mates! Explore 3D models of Mechanics by chrapp in this web page and make them fit into your own multicolored world!