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Gadgets & Trinkets

Clever little 3D printed items such as spinning tops or puzzles.

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in store: glaurung's shop

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Un mélange entre le flocon et la boule de Noël.


photophore mexican skull

in store: Glucose Sweet...

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un photophore tout blanc qui révèle un crane mexicain...


Dark Plate

in store: The M Family

Coupe, centre de table


Dark Bowl

in store: The M Family

Bol, coupe, contenant


Jeton pocker V2

in store: Rémi's shop

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Jeton de pocker avec piqie coeur carreau trèfle


GFP (green fluorescent protein) lamp

in store: 3Diversity's...

The “mutated” GFP molecular surface can serve not only science but also art. It is...


Lace Vase

in store: Emerging...

It's just beautiful. Give this as the perfect gift. The vase is beveled in at the...


Wire Stag15cm

in store: DOTSAN's shop

The fine 1mm wire structure comes together to create a wonderful majestic stag head...


money clip

in store: c cubed

Pince à billets, élegante et discrète. A commander en argent si vous assumez !


Abstract Object Bowl

by Showbha

Option to vary size and material of object. Changing of material/size will result...


Fullerene Pendant

in store: 3Diversity's...

Fullerene pendant is based on the 2D projection of the buckyball fullerene-oxolane...


Oh my heart

in store: ...

beautiful gift for valentines day ! Or just as a present.... This also is a nice...


Nature Plug #5

in store: The M Family

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Centre de table / Paysage d’intérieur / Présentoir à...


Vase with decorated hole

in store: FCPRS's shop

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No description available …


Nature Plug #6

in store: The M Family

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Paysage d’intérieur / Vague / Dune / Porte courrier /...


Lace Plate

in store: Emerging...

Lacy, paper thin bowl.



in store: jamesh96's shop

a sweet heart


Boolean Bowl

in store: hugoarcier's...

Ce bol est créé par un processus stochastique : des sphères en nombre et en position...


"Endless" Spinning Top

by Deleted...

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An "endless spinning" top , inspired by a famous...


reel string. Form bomb.. Form bomb.

by madmax52

This reel will look great in your kitchen or on your desk. It has been designed to...


Puzzle keychains!

in store: Remy's Cloud

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Nouveau petit porte-clés casse-tête qui épatera à coup...


LANDER 3D Napkin Ring with lauburu

in store: dmitxe

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Servilletero personalizado con nombre Lander, letras...


box bf

by ma.ducrocq

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No description available …


AMAIA 3D keychain

in store: dmitxe

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Llavero personalizado con nombre Amaia y letras de...

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