Mechanical or articulated designs such as mechanical models or demonstration pieces.

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Spanner for SMA connectors on FPV antennas

in store: flyingfolk

Very useful spanner for nipping up SMA connectors on FPV antennas (please don't...


EzUHF v4 mount case

in store: flyingfolk

Designed by flyingfolk to fit the EzUHF and clip on to a 5mm grab handle. The unit...



in store: 3dmob's shop

Winged Helmet

Spitfire MK Vb

in store: Flagada15's...

Reproduction of the famous warbird Spitfire MK Vb. Feel free to play on materials...


Open Brushles Gimbal V4

by turbi

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Nacelle stabilisée Brushless pour gopro3, moteurs...



in store: biohazardk1's...

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Véhicule goodies tiré du jeu vidéo Broken Earth....


GoPro universal strap mount for backpack

in store: flyingfolk

This is a universal strap mount to allow you to attach a GoPro camera to your...


Can of Beans

in store: Unique...

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Have you ever wanted a can of beans that is not from...


Fake Bowl

in store: Unique...

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This model is not actually a bowl, but it has the...


Training Knife (29cm)

in store: Mohsen...

A Training Knife for fighting sports and self-defence sports. It is not dangerous...


female Brain, subject L

by the.ents.root

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Three dimensional reconstruction of a 23 years old...


Flyboard Electronic Throttle Adapter

by ryanjmsc

This is an adapter for the flyboard Electronic Throttle Control that allows it to be...



in store: Aubepine's shop

Hermaphrodite cable-running for a two falls 7X22 electrical chain hoist. M6 fixing.


Moose stag

in store: PaulVK's shop

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A unique piece for your home or workplace. I made this...


Heart Nut Pendant

in store: 3D-DO Shop

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Heart Nut Pendant Size M8 (Standard nut size) (for...


Coque Iphone 5 " Smooth "

by Deleted...

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-UPDATED- New version with correct hole for the jack...


jewel medallion biohazard

by madmax52

Un pendentif chic et classe pour homme et femme.



in store: Paul Marxx

An interpretation of the Grand Palais bar-relief. I made 9 shots with my camera but...


top of sterling engine

by Drbrandt92

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perfect ontop af a 33cl can sterling engine.


carte naviguo

in store: Sniperz's shop

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Articulated Crayfish

by chosetec

Articulated Crayfish, designed for wsf smooth plastic


4-Way T Elbow Micro Bracket

in store: Micro Bracket

MicroBlock 90-4WayConnector-6-1mm Accepts 1/4" Square Stock Pre-Drilled 1/8" holes 4...


2-Way Extender Micro Bracket

in store: Micro Bracket

MicroBlock 90-2WayConnector-16-1mm Accepts 1/4" Square Stock Pre-Drilled 1/8"...


3-Way T Micro Bracket

in store: Micro Bracket

MicroBlock 90-3WayT-8-1mm Accepts 1/4" Square Stock Pre-Drilled 1/8" holes 3...

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