From customizable 3D printed place-names to larger items like vases.

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in store: 3dmob's shop

Winged Helmet

Deep dip cup

by Armonia & Armonia

Armonia & Armonia present to you DeepDip: DeepDip is designed to allow to dip...


Venetian Pot

in store: Paul Marxx

It's a pot scanned by my photocamera in Venice and processed at


Zest Espresso Cup

in store: Genghis Designs

Coffee Degustation, the art of tasting, is an invitation to emphasize senses. After...


Can of Beans

in store: Unique...

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Have you ever wanted a can of beans that is not from...


Fake Bowl

in store: Unique...

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This model is not actually a bowl, but it has the...


Coffee tamper design double side

in store: Jozaac's shop

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Tamper pour café, double côté : un côté plat, un côté...


Coffe Tamper double side

in store: Jozaac's shop

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Tamper à café, 2 faces : 1 plate et 1 convexe. La face...


Tealight - 1,3mm

in store: martintoul's...

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Minimalist Tealight. It is possible to apply an image...



by derLeo

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No description available …


reel string. Form bomb.. Form bomb.

by madmax52

This reel will look great in your kitchen or on your desk. It has been designed to...



by Emmanuel

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A baby milk spoon that has a better shape and a double...


small female body

in store: Heart Of The...

A small sculpt of female musculature study in color . Sculpted and texture...



in store: innovadesign

espresso cup and ashtray all in one


Revolution Pendant

in store: Paul Marxx

A pendant with a tribute to Francois Rude's "Tete de la Marseillaise"


photophore mexican skull

in store: Glucose Sweet...

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un photophore tout blanc qui révèle un crane mexicain...


Tasse Moebius

in store: Magic's shop

Tasse à café avec une anse en forme d'anneau de Moebius qui fait le tour de la...


Elephant Bookholder (left side)

in store: ...

Elegant, black ceramic elephant bookholder. Forehead of the animal has been adapted...



in store: ...

No description available …



in store: ...

No description available …



in store: ...

'Justice' is one of my first sculptures . Very decorative, very powerful, 'Justice'...


Espresso cup

in store: madebydan's...

No description available …



in store: ...

No description available …


Boolean Bowl

in store: hugoarcier's...

Ce bol est créé par un processus stochastique : des sphères en nombre et en position...

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