Smartphone Cases

Cases and protective covers for smartphones.

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Coque Iphone 5 " Technical "

by Deleted...

Iphone 5 case design, dimensioned following precisely the blueprints Apple...


Samsung Galaxy S3 Art Deco case circle

in store: ...

Stylish customizable case for Samsung Galaxy S3 evoking eclectic artistic and design...



in store: hugoarcier's...

This Iphone case is inspired by an art series I did, called "Degeneration". It is...


iPhone 5 Cover

in store: FCPRS's shop

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Cover for iPhone 5


Dilly Case

in store: ...

The Dilly Case is a beautiful interweaved case that compliments your IPhone. This 3D...


Courier Corgi

in store: ...

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No description available …


coque iphonepinupV2

in store: xa's shop

No description available …

MotherFunker's iPhone5 Case

in store: FB's design...

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No description available …


support x1-2

by roomsty

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support télephonique Xperia Rau


handicraft iphone case

in store: idea design

iphone cover inspired by the fabric of wicker or rattan handicrafts originating from...

Lampe alienne

by madmax52

Une erreur importante empeche l'impression de ce kit.

Bouton de manchette

in store: Damz's shop

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Bouton de manchette pour Anarchiste qui s'ignore...


iPhone 4 & 4s coque / iPhone 4 and 4s case

in store: DamienCURA's...

iPhone 4 Case / coque iPhone ); (((.STOP DIRECT RADIATION.))) ;)

Mobile Suit (C)

in store: Happy-Robot

I-Phone 4S case design based on a robot concept. A fun approach to I-Phone case...

White Horn

by TRbrown

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White Horn



in store: FCPRS's shop

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Case for IPhone like a string bag. Despite all the...


Tie clip

in store: Damz's shop

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Tie clip for introverted punk !



by RiahsDesigns

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Samsung Galaxy S3 Structure case

in store: ...

Customizable case for Samsung Galaxy S3. Looking for something unique. Give us your...


Prometheus iPhone Case

in store: SaGa Design

An iPhone 4 and 4S case inspired by the new film "Prometheus" and the art of H.R...

Iphone 4 case custom button

by FilipeCSRocha

Simple with smooth curves, Iphone case with individual button like parts that can be...

Iphone 4 /4s leather case / Iphone 4/4s coque cuir

in store: DamienCURA's...

Leather Case / Coque Cuir Bay and use the leather of your choice / Achète et...

GetGoing Case

by Creative Function

This case was designed with functionality in mind. Most people do not carry cash...

TriStand - iPhone 4/4s Case with 3 Integrated Stands

in store: Maundy's shop

The TriStand makes the most of 3d printing and its ability to print moving parts, I...

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