How to design for Digital Light Synthesis (CLIP)

Learn how to design the best 3D models for Digital Light Synthesis (CLIP) 3D printing technology

Making a 3D design come alive might not always be easy. Indeed, 3D modeling implies some constraints that you need to deal with in order to create a viable 3D printed part. Digital Light Synthesis (CLIP) 3D printing technology allows you to create high-quality objects with great mechanical properties. But to make the most of it, you need to master some 3D design topics that we’re introducing you to in this white paper. Follow our tips and become an expert in 3D design for DLS (CLIP)!

DLS (CLIP) 3D printing technology

Digital Light Synthesis (DLS), formerly called CLIP, is a 3D printing process which has been launched by Carbon in 2016. This revolutionary 3D printing technology is much faster than many others. It allows you to 3D print great resin parts, with 5 different 3D printing materials:

  • Elastomeric PolyUrethane
  • Flexible PolyUrethane
  • Rigid PolyUrethane
  • Cyanate Ester
  • Prototyping Acrylate

Designing for DLS (CLIP) 3D printing technology

This extremely innovative 3D printing process requires you to take into account its specificities when you design your model. For instance, your parts come out of a liquid resin bath, which means that they are not supported by the powder like in the SLS technology.

As a result, you have to add supports to your 3D models in many cases. And these are just one design specificity of DLS (CLIP) technology! In this ebook, we tell you everything about these 3D printing resins and these special 3D design requirements.

What you will learn in this white paper about designing for DLS (CLIP) 3D printing technology

In our free ebook, you will find the answers to these questions:

  • How does Digital Light Synthesis (CLIP) work?
  • How can you create the best 3D designs for DLS (CLIP)?
  • Which common 3D design mistakes should you avoid?

Discover all of our answers, among with many others, in our Digital Light Synthesis (CLIP) design ebook!