State of 3D Printing 2017

Sculpteo’s 3rd annual report on 3D Printing and Digital Manufacturing


Our annual State of 3D Printing survey is a great opportunity for Sculpteo to provide you powerful data about the additive manufacturing industry. Our principal aim is to give you the keys to understand what is at stake in this dynamic and rapidly evolving industry. We opened the survey in January 2017 and we received nearly 1,000 respondents from 62 different countries, from all industries.

  • Which materials do they use for 3D Printing?
  • Which technologies?
  • What are their top priorities related to 3D Printing?

These are some of the questions we asked.

We also compared the results to our previous study, in order to analyze the evolutions of the 3D Printing industry. You will also find tips to help you with your business strategy.

The Results

This report will provide you a lot of insights about the 3D Printing industry. Globally, the market is maturing with an increasing average budget and a growing return on investment. 3D Printing remains mostly used for product development, and plastic is still the most used material. We also made a special focus on metal 3D printing to understand better the changes it can bring to the industry.

With this report, you will also learn more about the differences between American and European users of 3D Printing, and between different sectors.

We hope you enjoy this year’s State of 3D Printing and look forward to your thoughts and comments.