Frequently asked questions about 3D Printing

    Uploading a 3D design

  1. What are the file formats supported by Sculpteo for 3D printing?
  2. How can I easily convert a 3D file to a format supported by your website?
  3. When I upload a 3D model to the site, textures and colours are sometimes missing: how can I make them appear?
  4. What is the difference between "public", "private", "visible" and "for sale" in the sharing module part of the upload form?
  5. Who owns the intellectual property rights of my design once I upload it?
  6. Why do some designs require fixing before they can be made?
  7. What formats are accepted in the zip file for the textures?
  8. My file is in .obj format: how can I make colours and textures appear?
  9. Why can some models in the gallery be ordered, and others not?
  10. What does the error message 'No geometric information found in file' mean?
  11. What is the difference between "Single object" and "Multi-piece set"? Why is it important?
  12. What is the maximum file size of a 3D file upload to
  13. What is the maximum texture size for a 3D model & how can i reduce the size of my textures?
  14. Where can I get 3D files already designed by others?
  15. How can I orientate my 3D model?

    3D technology

  1. What software should I use if I’m a beginner in 3D design?
  2. How does a full color 3D printer work? Video demo.
  3. What is 3D printing?
  4. How does 3D printing work?
  5. Do you have any tutorials if I’m a beginner in 3D design?
  6. Can I create coloured objects?
  7. What machines do you use to create 3D objects?
  8. What is the maximum size of a 3D print?
  9. How thick does my object have to be in order to be strong enough?
  10. How can I design an articulated model? What gap should I leave for my articulated models?
  11. What is the level of detail of objects produced?
  12. What is WebGL? How to enable WebGL?

    Ordering and Payment

  1. What forms of payment do you accept?
  2. Can I customise the parameters of my 3D design before ordering?
  3. How do I apply a promo code, gift card, or store credit?
  4. How are prices calculated?
  5. Do I need to pay VAT?
  6. What happens after I place an order?
  7. Where can I track my orders and their production and delivery progress?
  8. Why is my order on hold?
  9. Why was my order canceled?
  10. How does Sculpteo process refunds?
  11. How can I update my order? My shipping address? My shipping option?
  12. Where do I find the price table of your service?
  13. Where can I order a gift voucher?

    Gallery of 3D designs

    Ordering a 3D object


  1. What are your shipping methods?
  2. How much are the shipping costs?
  3. Do you ship world-wide?
  4. Where do you ship from?
  5. What is the delivery time once I have placed my order?
  6. I require my order to produced and shipped as fast as possible, do you have an option?
  7. Do I have to pay import tax on my order?
  8. Where can I see the shipment date of my order?
  9. Can I pick up my objects in Sculpteo’s facilities ?
  10. Do you deliver to PO box addresses?

    My Account

  1. Why should I sign up for an account?
  2. Where can I see my objects?
  3. How can I manage my email preferences?
  4. What does it mean to be an "Expert user"?
  5. What does it mean to be a "Beta user"?
  6. How do I choose my laser cutting materials catalogue according to my location?

    Sculpteo For Business

  1. I’m a business, what are the services you can offer me to integrate 3D Printing?
  2. Do you have an affiliate program for professionals?
  3. Do you have a website dedicated to professional users?
  4. What are the possibilities offered by the Sculpteo’s 3D viewer?
  5. I have an idea - can you design it for me?

    Designer shops

  1. Can I customise my shop?
  2. How is the royalty rate set?
  3. How is the royalty paid?
  4. How can I follow my sales?
  5. What happens if the object is unsatisfactory?
  6. Can I use money earned from selling my models to order 3D prints from Sculpteo?
  7. Am I responsible for the production and shipping of the order?
  8. What about property and copyrights of my models?
  9. Can I use my shop to sell designs for which I don't hold the rights?
  10. Do I need to pay VAT?
  11. How should I declare income earned with Sculpteo?
  12. What is the nature of the contractual relationship between Sculpteo, the Designer and the final client?

    Agile Metal Technology

  1. What is Agile Metal Technology (AMT)?
  2. What are the different AMT tools?
  3. How does Business Case work?

    Laser Cutting Technology

  1. What is laser cutting?
  2. How does laser cutting work?
  3. Do you have any tutorials if I’m a beginner in lasercutting?
  4. What machines do you use to laser cut?
  5. What is the maximum size for laser cutting?
  6. How can I design a model with a hinge?
  7. What is the level of detail of objects produced?
  8. Materials are different depending on where I am, why?

    Online creation


  1. How can I contact you if I can’t find the help I need on your website?
  2. Where can I report abusive content?

    Materials and Uses

  1. What materials do you offer?
  2. How thick are the layers of material in 3D printers?
  3. I want to 3D print in metal, how can I do it?
  4. What are the technical properties of the materials?
  5. What kind of finish do you offer?
  6. Are there any finishes I can apply myself on my 3D prints?
  7. Are the available materials suitable for deep features or embossed ones?
  8. Do you print in ABS or PLA plastic material ?

    About Sculpteo

  1. What is Sculpteo?
  2. What kind of service do you offer?
  3. How are the products made?
  4. Where are your production facilities located?
  5. I have a 3D printer(s) or laser cutter - can I offer it for use by Sculpteo?
  6. Do you do 3D scanning?