Order your unique key ring, it's easy
and on top of that, it's free !

Have you always dreamed of showing your friends and family
a self-made object that no one else can possibly have ?
With Sculpteo and 3D Printing, it's easy, and on top of that it's free* !

Create a key ring
*Excluding shipping costs.

How does it work ?

Go to the key ring creation page and select your object (designed on your 3D software) or any object in the community gallery, and turn it into a key ring in 3 clicks!

1 - Select your object
or one in the gallery

2 - The object appears in the 3D viewer
(key rings are available
in white plastic only)

3 - Choose a hook

4 - Click on the model to place the hook.
Your key ring is ready !

How to order your free key ring ?

Once you have customized your key ring as required, simply click the "order" button. Fill in your shipping address; all you pay online is shipping. Your key ring will be sent out 48hrs after your order!