Milan 2012

Particule 14 and Sculpteo have chosen to explore together the potential for diversity of 3D-printing technology
Press release

Normal Studio

Creation : Cup

Printing in ceramic enables objects to be created which would otherwise be impossible to make using traditional techniques. The designers from Normal Studio wanted to make a complex object which is perforated, due to the fact that this could only be produced using this technology. This object is therefore designed in order to highlight the potential of 3D printing technology.


Fx ballery

Creation : Katiska Lamp

The Katiska lamp has been designed like a trap which captures the light. The LEDs emit a soft light which are indirectly reflected off the surface of the voluminous lamp which is lightly perforated. Designed as a one-off, it optimises both the unique aesthetical and technical possibilities which 3D printing can offer.


Mathilde Bretillot

Creation : Hook "Parure"

A sculptural form which illustrates Sculpteo’s ability to produce complex shapes. Fixed to the wall, partly acting as a hook and partly a fixed shelf, this allows it to be used as an accessory for ‘holding’ things. Hang a dress, a scarf, a belt… and store jewellery, gloves…


Patrick Nadeau

Creation : Pots

In general pots and saucers are always seen to be the best solution for horticultural use. The flower pot contains earth and the saucer collects the surplus water. This project incorporates a sublime duality by offering a double pot, the exterior element functioning as a saucer. The two pieces are fluted, either facing the interior or exterior. In the configuration where the interior and exterior walls of the pots face each other, the interstices defined by the grooves make it possible to slide in plant supports or mini-trellises.


Marc Bretillot

Creation : Zozio

This personalized eating tool enables people to distinguish taste and scent for a unique experience. To order one, measure the profile of your nose, then enter the required data indicated onto the website which produces each unique object. Once the Zozio is positioned in your hand, hold the top part so you can smell the aromatic scents (oils, spices, essences, herbs…) and taste each flavour from the bottom of the spoon!


Germain Bourre

Creation : Particule Rolling Pin

Who hasn’t ever dreamed of having their own personalized biscuits?
1- Choose the contour of your shortbread,
2- Integrate your own design, message or logo,
3- Validate: your Particule Rolling Pin is ready to be manufactured and delivered.
Using this unique personalized production process, shortbread and biscuits can be made which the Particule Rolling Pin is able to mark and cut by simply rolling it on top of the pastry.


Marie-Christine Dorner

Creation : Milky Tray

The project Milky Tray is a little world created for snacking, a moment in childhood which tends to disappear in adults homes. In order to create a reminder for this milky interlude ‘the chocolate at 4 o’clock’, the dishes are made from printed white ceramic by Sculpteo which fit perfectly into the perforated tray (plated banana leaf made by Fib&Co), thanks to their small plugs. Together, they can therefore be transported either within the office or home.


François Azambourg

Creation : Luna lamp

This lamp, made using 3D printing is made up of a number of rings. The rings are independent and support one other in accordance with the overall design. The lamp is assembled by the user and delivered flat.


Cédric Martineaud

Creation : Tassalphabet

These cups have been created thanks to 3D printing and designed to integrate the user’s data, the first letter of their first name or other unique messages.


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