3Diversity's shop

3Diversity create 3D printed protein models and molecular models. He has a privilege to offer the pre-designed models of the most refereed proteins like (GFP, BDNF, EGF, p53 etc).


Heat Shock Protein

Hsp70 or DnaK


CDNF - conserved dopamineric neurotrophic factor

CDNF is a protein that can protect neurons dying in Parkinson's disease


The BuckyBall

The BuckyBall or Fullerene


Fullerene Pendant

Fullerene pendant is based on the 2D projection of the buckyball fullerene-oxolane...


Splash Vase

The new more economical design of the Splash Vase


GFP (green fluorescent protein) lamp

The “mutated” GFP molecular surface can serve not only science but also art. It is...