BDcraft Figs

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Get your own BDcraft Fig now! All the BDcraft Figs are designed by Sphax from (


BDcraft Redstone

**Playing with Redstone has always been fun with PureBDcraft!** - **Note**: Use...


BDcraft Alchemy

**Playing with Alchemy and creating potions you like is fun!** - **Note**: Use...


BDcraft Steve

**You are him and he's you... when you play with PureBDcraft!** - **Note:** Use...


BDcraft Steve&Cape

**Do you play with a cape? Why not customize this with your own Skin AND Cape then?...


BDcraft Michael

**Hum... This guy really seems to have hardened in shady deals...** - **Note**:...


BDcraft Franklin

**Hum... This guy reminds me of someone ... Not you?** - **Note**: Use the...