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CA MP5K to G36 Shoulder Stock Adapter

This Airsoft3D product converts the MP5K airsoft electric sub machine gun rear...


G36 Shoulder Stock Pin

Pin to attach the G36 shoulder stock to the H&K G36 receiver. Disclaimer: Please...


G36 Receiver Picatinny Mount Adapter

This receiver adapter is part of our TeleScopix Shoulder Stock System. The...


G36 Short Shoulder Stock

Short shoulder stock for the H&K G36 receiver. Disclaimer: Please use discretion...


TeleScopix to G36 Shoulder Stock Adapter

This TeleScopix shoulder stock adapter allows any airsoft gun a TeleScopix receiver...


G36 Conversion Kit for Dye Dam Paintball Marker

This Airsoft3D product include four adapters to convert your Dye Dam paintball...


G36 Carry Handle for Picatinny Conversion Kit

This Airsoft3D product contains two adapters that convert G36 carrying handle for...


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