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Pen & note


Linear 5 Magnets Halbach Frame

A 5 Magnet Frame for you to make a Linear, 5 side-by-side, 10 mm Cube Magnets, on a...


Frame for the Halbach 12 Magnet Array

A Plastic frame for the Halbach 12 Magnet Array, 10 mm cubes. The diametre for 10mm...


Pen&Note clip-on

Here's a very simple Pen Holder, from yours truly, for if your Pen has a cap with a...


Pen&Note for Pen and Pencil

A Pen holder for your Notebook, so you never lose the Pen! You can hold the...


Elastomatik 3D

A Rubber Band pistol, 6 shots. Snap the pieces from the rods, assemble the pistol,...



A slingshot. Here's how it's made, Part 1:...


18 teeth gear

A miser's gearwheel. Not much plastic needed for this one...


Kitty Mouse-bot

A Bristle-bot for cats to play with. Attention, the shell's dimensions are...


Suit's up!

...Because a Royal Flush and a Straight hand are different hands... Now, on a Poker...




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