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Bentley hood ornament

The 3d print of the Bentley hood ornament "Flying B". Put it on your car or use as a cool art piece. Thank you! Enjoy!

size: 9.40 cm

Rolls Royce hood ornament

Rolls Royce car hood ornament / mascot "The Spirit of Ecstasy" or "The Flying Lady"...


Marilyn Monroe model in Color

Marilyn Monroe bust fully colored. Madame Tussaud quality. Order it in multicolor!


Michelangelo David

A total copy of David sculpture by Michelangelo Buonarotti


Seven Of Nine Textured Small 500K polys Color Printer


Angel Wing Haired Lady

A sculpt of a Lady with Hair blown in the wind like Wings


Michael Jackson figurine


Seven of Nine from Star Trek by Jeri Ryan

Seven of Nine from Star Trek, played by Jeri Ryan


Spock from Star Trek. Leonard Nimoy

3d print model of Leonard Nimoy as mr.Spock from Star Trek. Copies Leonard Nimoy's...


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