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I am a developer, constructure, and designer in different fields, also in the elektronics. I made the forms of the plastic parts in the industry and worked with Researching Instituts.

Now i have my own projects, and i can work with you. Just contact me.

All my contents has copyright and are covered by this license: (cc)BY-NC-ND


Hexa-Tube for soap bubbles

Make the best soap bubbles ever .. with this first hexa-tube. It makes spezial...


Training Knife (29cm)

A Training Knife for fighting sports and self-defence sports. It is not dangerous...


4xShip -Pack

For the Board game: The Container * Infos about the Game:...


Opener for tin cans with pull-tabs

A small, lite and compact Opener for all tin cans with Pull-Tabs like this...


Cookie cutter (2 p.) - Euro Symbol

The cookie cutter for all fans of Europe or all who want to eat money :) It is a...


Cookie cutter (2 p.) - Map of Syria

The cookie cutter for all fans of syria. It is a must have one.