Sculpteo Studio Design Services

Do you know that optimizing your 3D file will allow you to improve your final product? Thanks to our design service, our industrial designers will put their expertise at your disposal to guide you in the conception of a good 3D file.

Discover Sculpteo Studio's Design Service!


What is it?

Sculpteo Studio is here to help you to conceive a design for your 3D printing projects. Our designers will work on the entire creation of your project or will assist you to improve your 2D and 3D files for 3D printing or laser cutting.

Rethink the conception of your product in order to embrace the benefits of 3D printing, such as a decreased weight, personalization, etc.

Who is it for?

Whether you have an internal designer or not, Scultpeo Studio can help you innovate product or process design to integrate additive manufacturing.

This service is both for companies already convinced by 3D printing and companies willing to discover all the benefits of additive manufacturing.


Improve your product with a better design

Whatever the stage and the nature of your project, the designers of Sculpteo Studio will show you all the benefits of a good design for your product.

Improve or reconceive your design for production or prototyping or completely rework your project in order to get a perfect result fully meeting your expectations.

Optimize for quality and price

3D printed structures have to be well conceived to be fully functional. Sculpteo Studio helps you to make the most of the different technologies, regarding their constraints and specificities and understand the strengths and drawbacks of digital manufacturing.


Ready to explore the benefits of Design for Additive Manufacturing?

Talk to our experts today to see how additive manufacturing can help your company optimize products, manage the supply chain or make the most of additive manufacturing!