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Convert a 2D image into a 3D object


  • 1.1. Getting started and setting the units
  • 1.2. Insert a 3D shape
  • 1.3. Activate the editing options for your 3D shape
  • 1.4. Give dimensions to your 3D shape
  • 1.5. Duplicate your 3D object
  • 1.6. Check the stability of your object
  • 1.7. Split your object
  • 1.8. Smooth your object
  • 1.9. Add Emboss to your object
  • 2.1. Load image
  • 2.2. The camera feature
  • 2.3. Scan option
  • 3.1. Merge your 3D objects
  • 3.2. Simplify feature
  • 3.3. Simulate the result of your 3D print
  • 3.4. Save your file for 3D printing

To import your image, go to the menu on the left side of the screen and select “Open”. 


Then select “Load Image”. 

Let’s use the 2D image of the Sculpteo logo for this demonstration.


Download the image of the Sculpteo logo and open this file.


Once you open the file, you will get the following result: 


Select the inverse button to keep the inverted part of the image. 


Go to the “Scale” button to adjust the height of the letter. All you have to do is drag the green arrow towards the direction you want to increase or decrease its extrusion value. 


Validate the “Import Image” action and you will get this result: 


This is how is created a 3D shape out of a 2D image. 

Now you can further modify this 3D object using all the tools for editing that are explained in the previous paragraphs (rescaling, duplicating, splitting, smoothing, embossing etc.).

Go again to the left side menu and select “Open”.  


You will see the option  “Camera”. 


The “Camera” option works as the “Load image” option. You can take a photo with the camera of your computer and then turn it into a 3D object, exactly as you would do with the “Load image” function. If you want to create a customized 3D object out of a 2D image this is the tool for you.  

Go again to the left side menu and select “Open”.  


Let’s say for example that you want to edit the width of the cube. Select the scale button. Click on the arrow that corresponds to the dimension of the cube you want to edit. Drag the arrow towards the direction you want, to increase or decrease the width of the object.  


The “Scan” option gives you the possibility to scan an existing object and modify it using the 3D builder software. This is an excellent choice if you want to 3D print and existing object, but you don’t want to design it in a 3D software from scratch.