Analyze and export a 3D file


  • 1.1. Start handling the software and use the multi-view
  • 1.2. Precision and measurement tools
  • 1.3. Use of the Create tab
  • 1.4. Get to know the Modifiers
  • 2.1. Use a Bolean operation and conversion
  • 2.2. Vertices and edged duplication
  • 2.3. Reverse faces
  • 3.1. Improve your experience with plugins
  • 3.2. Import your 3D file from a database or/and another software
  • 3.3. Use AutoDesk Print Studio

As a lot of other software like SketchUp, 3DS Max makes available a range of plugins for its users to access additional functionalities, like new Modifiers created by the community. Some of them will allow you to create precise chamfers on your models (, but you have to pay), or to redefine the Mesh of the object to make it cleaner and lighter ( (11)_wUlD8Qu.jpg (12)_CObgO5f.jpg

It can be primordial if you want to send the file on our platform to print it.  

Like for all the plugins, a marketplace is available for 3DS Max, allowing to get assets and 3D models with the right definition. 

3DS Max is the most used software in a lot of companies, approximatively all the 3D model formats are accepted during the import from the software.

Be really careful with the units and dimensions when you upload a model created without 3DS Max. Verify that your imports don’t have errors (reverse faces, broken objects, a non-optimized meshing…), to avoid problems during the 3D printing of the final object.

Autodesk has recently added a new tool to its range of software created for 3D printing: AutoDesk Print Studio. 

It is designed for FDM printers (technology used for individual printers), several functionalities can be interesting if the object is meant to be printed with our platform.

You can correct classic problems. For example, the software can tell you the fragile parts that can break during the printing.

Those services are available on our platform. But if you use Print Studio, you will be able to modify and/or repair your model instantly. It is a very good tool if you need to 3D print a model.