Fusion 360 Laser Cutting Tutorial: Prepare your files for laser cutting

This is a tutorial for beginners in Fusion 360 software. Thanks to its interface, this software is very easy to handle even if you have no prior experience in design. Fusion 360 tools will let you create your own customised design easily. 

In this tutorial, we will create the design of the base of a pencil case that will look like this:


We will provide an overview of the sketching tools that you will need in order to create a design. We will also see some tips to make the design process easier when the file contains multiple sketches. Moreover, we will go through which mistakes you should avoid and how to make sure your file will be properly Laser Cut. Finally, we will see how to export your file for Laser Cutting.

After reading the tutorial, you will be able to:

Moreover, if you are interested in gaining more information related to Laser Cutting, you can visit this page explaining what Laser Cutting is and how our Laser Cutting Service works
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After all this, you will be ready to choose the laser cutting material that suits you best and upload your file on our platform!