Avoid mistakes that occur when designing 3D files for 3D printing on Sculptris


  • 1.1. Modeling your object
  • 1.2. Adding Texture and Color to your 3D model
  • 2.1. Analyze and measure your 3D model
  • 2.2. Export your model for a 3D Print

Sculptris is not a pure modeling software but rather a sculpting software. It is very rare to create geometric inconsistencies or anomalies that could prevent 3D printing (holes, surfaces, edges or singular points / non-manifold, self- intersections, bad directions, etc.).

Possible issues could be that your model is too heavy (over 50MB / 400000 triangles), the scale is off (mm or cm), you’d like to hollow your model, or that it has a few structural errors.

In such cases, you can use Blender to make these changes to your model. Just export your .obj file as described above and import it into Blender. For more information on using Blender to correct your file for 3D printing, please see our tutorial Prepare your file for 3D printing with Blender.

For more information about mistakes to avoid and repair tools from Sculpteo, visit the page dedicated to the repairing of files for 3D printing .