Prepare your model for 3D printing with Alias

This tutorial is written and designed to provide 3D printing enthusiasts with accurate instructions for designing 3D files that are “3D Printable”

By the end of this tutorial you should be able to:

Alias is a complete professional surface 3D modeling software, which uses ‘NURBS’ type surfaces to produce closed shapes, instead of solids. This modeling approach provides you with complete control over every point on your model’s surface and makes the dynamic editing of its aesthetic appearance possible. This 3D CAD software—Alias—is generally used by professional designers and engineers operating in the industrial and automotive industries. Alias releases a free CAD software package or sample kit for students and its free packages come with the same exact features that can be found in its commercial packages..

A basic understanding of Alias is required in order to get the most out of this tutorial. Autodesk provides lots of great videos and tutorials for getting started with Alias.